28 Jänner 2006

today i created a salad by myselfe...

couscous salad with a curry-dressing

1 zucchini
1/2 iceberg salad
a small can of sweet corn
5-6 cherry-tomato's
and some couscous

for the dressing you need:
1 yogurt
oil & vinegar
salt & pepper
and the important thing is curry

and a bred for a salad is normal (i think)

slice the zucchini, iceberg salad and the tomato’s real nice up and mixes them up. don’t forget the sweet corn and the couscous. the dressing is also real easy to make, mix all the things together.

i hope you like it like i did

22 Jänner 2006

in 2005 a little girl starts to work on a web log...

today i thought maybe i should work more often on this project...