22 März 2007

recipe is comming soon...

15 März 2007

potato soup
(2 persons)

3 potatoes
instant soup
salt & pepper

first of all peel the potatoes and cube them. cook the vegetable till everything is tender. now make some roux. you need flour and butter for the roux, but i think you know. after making this 2 steps put the "soup" and roux together flavour it with some instant soup and herbs. now simmer it for 5-8 minutes more.

04 März 2007

(2 person)


  • 250 g hash
  • 125 g bacon cubes
  • 8 slice of proscutto
  • 1 mozarella
  • 1 zuccini
  • 2 onions
  • 2 carottes
  • 2 potatoes
  • some celery
  • some herbs
  • 1 puff paster

  • sear the hash with the bacon cubes
  • take a second pan and stir the vegetabes gently (mix the hash and vegetables)
  • after everything is well done take the puff paster
  • now take 4 slices of pruscutto put it on the pastry
  • than mozarella and the hash vegetables mixture
  • close the "strudel" with mozarella and proscutte and the second peace of puff paster
  • serve the meal with some zaziki

01 März 2007


is anybody out there with a fantastic lassi and naan bread recepie. i bought my last naan bread and lassi, and now i wanna cook those things by myselfe. please help me!!!