21 August 2006

upps i did it again...

...i created a new curry, actually a hot soup

today is my birthday and so i thought it has to be something extraordinary to eat. so i start cooking... first i thought it become a "new" curry, but after finishing the cooking-session it become a soup.

so here is the recipe (3-4 persons):

1 leek
4 turkey cutlet
1 can of coconut milk
curry powder
garam masala
yellow curry paste

salt & pepper
2-3 soup cube's

  1. you have to cut the turkey cutlet and the leek into small pieces
  2. roast the turkey and the leek till everything is lightly brown
  3. put 1/2 l of water in the saucepan and simmer it for 10 to 15 minutes
  4. now put all of the mixed herbs and the coconut milk into the pot
  5. try the soup before you serve it (maybe it is to hot for your guest)

pic and some more details are coming soon...

10 August 2006

"baiernaz" THE organic farmer my grandfather love to shop each saturday!

such an organic farmer has a great appeal. i love to shop in these kind of shop's too. biological food tastes much better!


austria – a leader in organic food products

over the past few years, austria has become a land of true gourmets. ambitious farmer with creative ideas, winemakers and restaurateurs have redefined and perfected their independence.
the food industry has proven its competitveness on the international market. in the retaurant sector, stars, toquens (hauben???) and other awards are the foundation of austria’s outstanding reputation. compared to other countries, and the enormous variety of regional specialities make austria second to none…

05 August 2006

today my parcel arrived!!!

yesterday i worked the whole day, so it was impossible for me to get the parcel. today i have the day off and so i went to the post office an got my parcel... thanks to foodfreak it smells and looks yummy!!!


hello again... here is a little more detail about the parcel by request

it was my first EBBP and i liked it verry much!!! i will definitely join in the next time...

foodfreak sent me so many lovely things: chocolate to make my own ice-cream (i love self-made icecream). i don't know if she knows that tea is my favourite drink in summer and winter... i love tea every time of the year ;-). also i love herbs... the two small bags of herbs she sent to me, they smell incredible. i try them next week when my sister comes to visits me. the stuffed wine leaves with rice are delicious; sometime i try to make them by myself. i have always liked them a lot but unfortuately nobody in my family ever shared the carving. there is one goodie i have never ever teasted befor, but foodfreak gave me some good information what to do with it. she also gave me her last glas of peach hot sauce. thank you so much!!!

i hope the parcel I sent was also well receved

i wish all of you a great summer!!!