10 August 2006

"baiernaz" THE organic farmer my grandfather love to shop each saturday!

such an organic farmer has a great appeal. i love to shop in these kind of shop's too. biological food tastes much better!


austria – a leader in organic food products

over the past few years, austria has become a land of true gourmets. ambitious farmer with creative ideas, winemakers and restaurateurs have redefined and perfected their independence.
the food industry has proven its competitveness on the international market. in the retaurant sector, stars, toquens (hauben???) and other awards are the foundation of austria’s outstanding reputation. compared to other countries, and the enormous variety of regional specialities make austria second to none…


At 7:11 PM, Blogger maxl cooks said...

when i see those prictures... werd i hungrig...

At 3:59 PM, Blogger tschoerda said...

coole sache, der baiernaz hat a homepage!!


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