21 August 2006

upps i did it again...

...i created a new curry, actually a hot soup

today is my birthday and so i thought it has to be something extraordinary to eat. so i start cooking... first i thought it become a "new" curry, but after finishing the cooking-session it become a soup.

so here is the recipe (3-4 persons):

1 leek
4 turkey cutlet
1 can of coconut milk
curry powder
garam masala
yellow curry paste

salt & pepper
2-3 soup cube's

  1. you have to cut the turkey cutlet and the leek into small pieces
  2. roast the turkey and the leek till everything is lightly brown
  3. put 1/2 l of water in the saucepan and simmer it for 10 to 15 minutes
  4. now put all of the mixed herbs and the coconut milk into the pot
  5. try the soup before you serve it (maybe it is to hot for your guest)

pic and some more details are coming soon...