16 September 2006

lentil, mint, green onion curry (4 persons)

200 g red lentil

1 bundle of green onion

2 EL oil

1 EL yellow curry paste

1 TL cane sugar

2 EL fish gravy

2 EL oyster gravy

500 ml chicken soup

2 cans of coconut milk

200 g peas

3 twigs of mint

mie-noodles also known as quick cooking noodles

  1. first of all you need the oil, the curry paste (you have to be careful very hot) and the cane sugar.
  2. fry the paste and the sugar for 5 minutes.
  3. then put the lentils, fish- and oyster gravy into the wok.
  4. give the chicken soup and the coconut milk instantly into the curry
  5. now you need the noodles, they need 4-6 minutes. you can cook them extra in salted water or put in into the curry.
  6. come to an end and put the green onion and the peas in the wok
  7. the mint is the last ingredient you need…

this recipe is in a cook-book i have for two ore three years now and never looked into it. since i have a "flatmate" i should cook more often and look into my collection of cook books. julian is also a "chef" but sometimes it's impossible to watch him cook ;-)